At Heal The World, we believe in the power of partnership. No great thing has ever been accomplished without the help of many people. That's why we make it our goal from day to day to offer effective ways of making change right where you are. We can't change the world without you!


Few things can be accomplished in the world without money. We believe money is a valuable and effective tool in the hands of good people, and that is why we strive to use any donation to Heal The World in the most effective way possible.


For some, donating financially is the way to go; For others, hands-on-experience is the only way you want to heal the world. We do our best to offer a variety of volunteer opportunities for you to experience... From small towns to great cities, no place is beyond our ability to heal.


One of the most effective ways everyone can get involved with Heal The World regardless of where you stand is through prayer. If you don't have the ability at this time to volunteer time or donate financially, this option will get you in on our mission right away. We thank you in advance!

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