We believe education is one of the most valuable gifts ever given. The world around us moves through information. Without an ability to access that information, nations cannot advance or prosper and injustice can never be truly understood.

Not only does the ability to learn shine a light on the world around us, it enables us to begin changing what we see. Unfortunately, the ability to learn is not available to every person.

The statistics of literacy are staggering. Nearly 800 million adults are illiterate today, and two-thirds of them are women. In the United States alone, an estimated 30 million people over the age of 16 read no better than an average elementary school child.



Illiteracy and lack of education are injustices that Heal The World actively works to fight against.

In 2009 Heal The World began a school in OdoKono N’Kwanta, Ghana. All children attending the school are taught how to read and write.

In 2018, during the Haiti Insight Trip, the Heal The World team partnered with Patricia Bailey Ministries in the building of a vocational school in Croix Des Missions, Haiti.