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It is our commitment to you to lead Heal The World in Biblically based initiatives with integrity and transparency. We will partner with organizations who have proven themselves to be effective and working towards transformation.

Phil Ryburn

Born in New Zealand and raised in Australia, was struck with a passion for global justice during his time studying at Massey University. He encountered extreme poverty face-to-face during his time in Peru and India as he explored “voluntourism”. After completing his study and returning to Australia, Phil worked with asylum seekers before relocating to the United States in 2012. Not long after his move Phil began working at an organization in his local community focusing on urban poverty and tackling its unique challenges, continued his work with a worldwide organization focused on local community partnerships, and now serves as the Director of Engagement at Cornerstone Church

Phil has also completed a post-graduate Diploma of Divinity from the Australian College of Theology and says that he is especially proud of his collaboration on the “Heal The World” book that was released in 2012. Phil believes he was created to serve and is committed to improvement.

Phil currently resides in Toledo, OH, USA with his wife Meredith and son Theodore Brave.

Matt Rasor

Entrepreneurial by nature, Matt has almost 20 years of experience in building and advising small and large businesses alike. He has utilized his unique talents with various organizations to improve brand awareness, develop high performing teams, and elevate customer service. He has increased sales, sharpened brand image, reduced costs, and streamlined operations in a wide range of situations. Matt also has strong ties to the non-profit sector.  He currently serves as the Chief Financial Officer at Cornerstone Church. He oversees the financial activities of the church, its campuses and its affiliates as well as the physical operations of its facilities.

Matt has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology and an Executive Masters of Business from Bowling Green State University. Matt and his wife Kristi are originally from Lima, Ohio. They were married in 1999 and have two sons, Dylan and Jackson.

Meredith Ryburn

Meredith Ryburn has spent her whole life in church and had always had a strong belief in helping the poor. She says that it was during her time studying in Sydney, Australia at C3 Bible College that God began to stir in her a desire to fight the injustices that exist in contemporary society. It is her core belief that it is the goodness of God that leads the unsaved into relationship with Jesus Christ (Romans 2:4).

She has several years experience working in nonprofit administration, including extensive experience in volunteer management and stewardship. Meredith finds great joy in seeing individuals discover the leaders within themselves and applying those skills to help others.

Meredith currently resides in Toledo, OH, USA with her husband Phil and son Theodore Brave.

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